Site Selection Is Key

Our initial effort went into site selection and the process of matching varietals to sites around the state to produce distinctive wines which accurately reflect our region. As we grew we incorporated more and more sites all around Washington state. At present we work with 8 growers and 10 vineyard sites.

Seasons, Harvest And Blend

Our harvest is spread out from the beginning of September until the end of October. As the grapes are brought in we ferment each lot separately and then run them into barrels or small tanks and keep each lot independent throughout the following winter.

The following spring, blending decisions are made, red wines are racked off the lees, and the whites and rosé are bottled to retain their fruit and youthfulness. For our younger released red wines (MOMENTUM and Tempranillo) we do final blending in the late spring and bottle in the fall. Our longer aged reds remain in barrel for an additional winter and are bottled the following spring.

Low Impact Is Our Priority

Throughout the winemaking process, we use gravity when possible and handle the wines minimally as we raise them into their maturity. Our goal is for our bottled wine to represent the youthful energy and enthusiasm that we feel for winemaking. We hope to present wines that are young but ready to drink.